Shit just got reeaallll 🚽🔵☑️

Shit just got reeaallll 🚽🔵☑️

I shared the exciting news on Instagram last week when I logged into my account to discover the coveted blue tick next to my account name. I’m of course referring to the verified badge and not a small parasite.

Most comments were congratulatory but some questioned the value and wanted to know how the tick got there in the first place. Since Trophy Wife Barbie prides herself on keeping shit real, here it is.


Nothing has inherent value, meaning that we attribute value to things. In essence, a blue tick is just a blue tick but the value to me comes from the perception it creates. When someone now searches for ‘Barbie’ on Instagram, my account comes up together with the two official Mattel accounts (and a few other randos like Nicki Minaj ;-).

According to Wikipedia, a verified badge or blue tick is a badge used by social media websites to visually indicate that an account genuinely belongs to the person it purports to represent. I must admit to finding the legitimizing of a doll rather entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful for what it represents but I also believe a creative’s job is to provide a different perspective, to see things from other angles. I have been accused of having humour on the darker end of the spectrum.

The verification of my account also comes in handy should I choose to go the Influencer route as I now have the option of displaying Paid Partnerships (where location is usually indicated).

In August this year Instagram began allowing users to request verification through the app (Settings > Request Verification). I did not do this and I don’t know anyone who has. Instead, I went the route most people typically hate hearing about: I know someone who knows someone at Facebook (Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012).

I still had to compile a list of articles written about Trophy Wife Barbie (see a small selection under PRESS) and my contact forwarded the list to their contact who forwarded it on the verification team. My account was verified less than 24 hours later.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think it’s fair, unfair, don’t care? Does the verified badge mean something different to you? Please leave a comment below!

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